New classes in February

Classes are run on Wdnesdays with trainer Jan Roberts (APDT UK 01253):

2 pm - Reactive dog - an especially constructed class for those dogs who struggle around other dogs
4 pm - Helpful hounds - for those who would like their dogs to help them around the house/garden or out and about
5 pm - Confident dog - for dogs that are generall nervous

Please contact the Club for more information or if you would like to book a space.

Added: Tue 27 February 2024 16:18

Obedience fun day for members

Internal Club Fun Day, Saturday 22nd April

11.30 am start. Have-a-go obedience for all ages and abilities. Novelty classes. Rosettes. All classes £1 entry.
Bring and share lunch/light refreshments. Proceeds and raffle for this year's charity (SANDS).

Please see the poster in the Club section on the Resources page.

Added: Wed 29 March 2023 14:39

New time for Puppy improvers class

Saturdays at 11.30 am
Please note the new time for the Saturday puppy improvers obedience class. If you have any queries or would like to take part, please contact Sue on 07771 158089

Added: Wed 13 November 2019 09:50

No obedience on Sat 7th Sept

Saturday, 7th September
Please note that there will be no obedience classes on this date. Back to normal on the 14th.

Added: Wed 04 September 2019 21:29

Gold Award achievement

Saturday, 24th August
Congratulations to the following for achieving the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Gold Award:
Debbie and Holly, Sophie and Max, Jules and Hovis, Elaine and Buddy
Well done to all, and thank you to trainers Sue Baines and Debbie Berry and to examiner Ann Weston.

Added: Tue 27 August 2019 19:17

Thursday's obedience class (25th Feb)

Obedience class on Thursday 25th Feb cancelled
Sue is not able to take this class this week. Back to normal next week.

Added: Mon 25 February 2019 09:08

January obedience 2019 classes

Saturday Obedience classes start back on 12th January, at the Club Grounds
9 am - KC Good Citizens Silver class (also Bronze and Gold where required)
10 am - Puppy Improvers class

Please contact Sue Baines on for more information about the classes and availability.

Added: Mon 31 December 2018 14:58

Bronze award success

Congratulations to four of our members and dogs who passed the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze Award on Saturday 22nd December; Carol with Harley, Elly with Dougie, Deborah with Jasper and Sue with Sonic. Well done everyone and thank you to our trainers and examiner for turning out so close to Christmas! Onwards to the Silver Award....

Added: Mon 24 December 2018 18:24

Thurs obedience cancelled 29th Nov

Please note - the Thursday obedience class is cancelled this week (29th November), due to the weather conditions and waterlogged ground. Back to normal next week, all being well.

Added: Wed 28 November 2018 18:02

Obedience classes Saturday 19th August

Reminder - no obedience classes this Saturday. Back to normal next week!

Added: Fri 18 August 2017 10:05

Thursday obedience class cancellation

22nd June, 2017
Please note that Jan's obedience classes for this date are cancelled. Hopefully back to normal next week!

Added: Wed 21 June 2017 14:24

Obedience internal day

Saturday 3rd June at Club grounds
Obedience day for members. A great day was had by all and £100 raised for Smokey Paws.
Winner of the puppy Rally class was Paul with Red.
Winner of the next Rally class was Debbie and Holly.
Winner of the fastest recall was Alison and Belle.
(some pictures in gallery)

Added: Sun 04 June 2017 14:05

New Saturday obedience/puppy class times

New class times are now as follows (from 29/4) for Saturday puppy/obedience classes:
9am - 10am   Puppy class 1 (Sue)
10.15 -11.15  Puppy class 2 (Jan)
11.30 - 12.30 Puppy improvers (Sue)
13.30 - 14.30 Rally (beginners level 1/2) (Jan)
13.30 - 14.30 Silver/Gold Good Citizens (Sue)

Added: Tue 25 April 2017 14:37

Report on Rally O on Sunday 5th March

Thank you to Kathy Williams for giving up her time to give us a Rally training day. Looks like the shelter came in very handy! Results are as follows: 1st - Jess and Cali, 2nd - Sarita and Tia, 3rd - Kate and Poppy, 4th - Pam and Cassie. We look forward to bringing more of this to the Club - maybe get a team together and hold competitions.
A raffle was also held and £34 raised for this year's club charity, Smokey Paws - well done everyone.
There are a couple of pictures in the gallery.

Added: Mon 06 March 2017 15:08

Kennel Club Good Citizen's Gold Award

10th December, 2016 at the Club
Well done to handlers and dogs who braved the dreadful weather to tackle the Gold test. Four passed:-
Tina Kaye and Ozzy
Sharon Lloyd and Daisy
Jess Jones and Cali
Kate James and Poppy

Also joining the list of achievers were Pam Wooden and Ollie, who passed their Silver test.

Many thanks to examiner Anne Weston for turning out on such a wet day. (pictures in gallery)

Added: Tue 13 December 2016 11:08