Charity Fund Raising

Each year at our AGM, GV members choose a charity to support for the coming year. In 2017 we voted for Smokey Paws.

Smokey Paws are a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to provide pet oxygen masks to all first-responders in the UK and the total we raised was £1260 - enough for 14 sets of masks!

For 2018, we are raising money for Canine Generated Independence.

There is more information on

We are Canine Generate Independence (C.G.I) a not for profit organisation, consisting of a group of owner trainers that are managed by a team of 5 Trustees. The idea is that owner trainers instead of standing alone can be seen as one group of people with dogs trained to a high standard that are widely accepted by the public and easy for them to identify. The world of owner training can seem a lonely place, C.G.I aims to help owner trainers be seen by wearing one logo and in a way the public can be confident that our dogs are well trained.

More information to come soon ...........