Training Day reminders

Saturday, 28th April 2018, Club Grounds (Postponed from 4th March) - with Hilary Bowden
Sunday, 29th April 2018, Club Grounds - with Nick Chettle

These should be going ahead - contact Sarah Williams at if you have any queries

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Agility events at the Club

Agility events at the Club from February to April, 2018
Lots of activities are planned for the next few weeks. Here is a list for your diary:

18th February (Sunday) - "Fitness for Dogs", seminar by vet Iris Ege and physiotherapist Hannah Price. £5 per person.
4th March (Sunday) - Agility training day with Hilary Bowden
14th March (Wednesday) - Agility training day with Nick Chettle
25th March (Sunday) - Handler fitness and sprint techniques with Asa Chung
8th April (Sunday) - Hoopers training day with Alison Edgington
29th April (Sunday) - Agility training day with Nick Chettle

There are posters on the Resources page for each event, with some further details but for availability, prices etc, please contact Sarah Williams on

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Starters League match dates for this season

Here are the dates for the matches the season 2017/18:

24th September - Tuffley, away
4th November - Wye Valley, away
3rd December - Dickson's Dogs, away
14th January - Wye Valley, home
11th February - Dickson's Dogs, home
25th February - South Cotswold, home
11 March - South Cotswold, away

For further details, please contact Louise at maxwellyoung.lmy@gmail com

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Starter's League practice sessions in August

Two Tuesdays - August 8th and August 22nd at 7pm at Club grounds

Practice and information sessions for anyone interested in taking part in the Starter's League this year. The League is especially for those new to competing. This is for Grades 1 & 2 as well as young Grade 3 dogs in their first year of competing. The most important thing is that the dogs (and handlers) have fun and everyone gets as much out of the opportunity as possible. If you are interested, contact Louise on

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Tuesday daytime agility classes

Please note that Tuesday's daytime agility classes are not running for the next two weeks - 7th February and 14th February. All being well, back to normal on 21st February.

Added: Wed 08 February 2017 19:18

Saturday's agility classes (4th Feb)

Please note that Saturday's agility classes this week (4th Feb) are cancelled due to the wet ground conditions. Fingers crossed for some drier weather! 

Added: Fri 03 February 2017 18:10

Tuesday daytime agility classes this week (3rd Jan)

Just to let you know that Tuesday daytime classes this week (3rd January) are cancelled - back to normal next week (10th January), all being well.

Added: Mon 02 January 2017 11:51

Starter's League

Although a late start this, it is hoped that Starter's League will run. If you are interested, we need to know asap. This is for Grade 1 and 2 as well as young Grade 3 dogs in their first year of competing. The most important thing is that the dogs (and handlers) have fun and everyone gets as much out of the opportunity as possible. You need to be able to travel to the away matches as well as the home ones (usually Sundays). Training sessions at the Club will also be arranged. If you are interested please contact Sonja on

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Agility class changes in August

Due to various events etc, there are a number of cancellations of agility classes in August:

Tuesdays, 9th and 16th August with Marie-Louise Parker (contact MLP if interested in a Wednesday class instead)
Wednesday, 10th August with Marie Douglas
Thursday, 11th August with Natalie Webb 

Added: Mon 08 August 2016 10:22

Worcester Agility Show 21st May

We are doing reciprical ring party duties at this show on 21st. May.
Please report on the gate that you will be on RING 2 so that you can be parked near the ring, and please let me know who is going to be there. Robert Andrews has kindly agreed to be Ring Manager.

THANK YOU - Marie-Louise Parker

Added: Thu 12 May 2016 16:16

Report on Starter's League final at our April show

A white crisp day dawned  at Vauxhall Fields, Monmouth on Sunday 17th. April 2016  heralding the Starters League Final hosted by Golden Valley DTC at their Spring Show.  An exciting and nail biting match was to follow, Judged by Lee Amos between South Cotswolds and Wye Valley.

Agility:  First dog to run for South Cotswolds picked up an early elimination with Wye Valleys first dog getting 5 faults, quickly followed by a clear round by South Cotswolds the only clear in the Agility section, both teams picking up faults and eliminations as the round progressed. South Cotswolds winning by 74 points to Wye Valleys 62.  Individual placings going to 1st. Dixie and Susie s/c. 2nd. Holly and Keith w/v.  3rd. Meryn and Mike s/c.  4th. Marley and Faye s/c.

Jumping:  followed a similar pattern, until half way when a fast clear was achieved, quickly followed by two more, the last     dog to run was also clear. South Cotswolds also winning this round 70 points to Wye Valleys 66.  Individual placings:  1st    Bindi and Sophie s/c.  2nd. Arjo and Judith s/c.  3rd. Kina and Lisa w/v.  4th. Issy and Anita w/v.  

Relay: Both teams had all to play for, with Wye Valley coming out the victor this time giving both teams a Total of 144  points each. The Final being won by South Cotswolds on the basis of an agility round win.

A very big thank you to FIRST CONTACT who kindly supplied and sponsored the equipment for the Final. Also to  Barkaway who provided the Ring Party.

 A good day was had by all.  

 Marie-Louise Parker 

Added: Fri 22 April 2016 19:16

Report on Great Western League final at our April show

Blue skies and brilliant warm sunshine greeted the Finalists of the Great  Western League hosted by Golden Valley DTC at Vauxhall Fields, Monmouth at their Spring Show on Sunday 17th. April 2016  which promised to be an exciting Final between Wye Valley and the unbeaten Golden Valley.  Judged by Lee Amos.

Agility:  The first dog for Golden valley picked up an unlucky 5 faults, quickly followed by a clear from Wye Valley.  11 clears were achieved by both teams and only 4 eliminations.  Wye Valley eventually prevailing with a hard fought win by 71 points to Golden Valleys 65.  Individual  placings went to 1st. Les and Trevor g/v.  2nd. Alison and Flash g/v.  3rd. Sue and Lucy w/v. 4th. Chris and Jack g/v. Other clears: Hilary and Gunner, Dot and Lorraine, Finley and Roberta, Raps and Tricia, Daisy and Lorraine for Wye Valley and Lenni and Merlin, Lenni and Mole for Golden Valley.

Jumping:  Followed a similar pattern, with 10 clears and 4 eliminations.  Wye Valley prevailing again with a win by 81 points to Golden Valleys 55.  Individual placings went to:  1st. Dash and Sue w/v.  2nd. Lucy and Sue w/v.  3rd Alison and Flash g/v.  4th. Beanie and Clare w/v. Other clears: Chris and Jack, Lenni and Merlin, Lenni and Mole for g/v.  Dot and Lorraine, Finley and Roberta, Daisy and Lorraine for Wye Valley.

Relay: Also won by Wye Valley

Wye Valley getting a well deserved win by 168 points to Golden Valleys 120 points.

A very big thank you to FIRST CONTACT for supplying and sponsoring the equipment for this Final and to Wye Valley for providing the RingParty.

Marie-Louise Parker.      (See some photos in the Gallery menu)

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Report on 4th Height heat at our April show

This report, kindly sent in to us, can be read here

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Urgent message about agility classes 19th March

Classes for Marie Douglas are cancelled today, due to illness. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Added: Sat 19 March 2016 10:36

Starters League match results

6th March 2016 vs South Cotswolds

MANY THANKS STARTERS LEAGUE TEAM, for another Stirling effort by you all, just some really bad luck for some of you, at our Match with South Cotswolds today. Really showed what there is to come, much improvement. Run of the day from Jean Denton with Zac, a dog with so little experience and really pulled it out of the bag, congratulations. Once again Lucy with Hogi showed terrific commitment. Also Louise and Indy gave a fine performance in the Jumping. A BIG thank you to all for your commitment and Team Spirit. Loved working with you all. Also a Big thank you for some really great food to finish off with.    Marie-Louise Parker

Agility - SC 92, GV 44 - a win for South Cotswolds
GV placing - 4th place, Jean Denton with Zac
Jumping - SC 89, GV 47 - a win for South Cotswolds
GV placing - Louise Maxwell-Young with Indi (a CR for Sue O'Neill with Jake)
Relay - a win for SC
Total Score: Sout Cotswolds 197, Golden Valley 91


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