Starters League

24th November, 2019
Well done to the Starters League team who competed against Wye Valley today. It was a close match and although Wye Valley won the match, some great results were had by the GV team:
Ruth and Ziggy won the Steeplechase
Dylan and Lil had 3rd in the Steeplechase
Louise and Indie won the Agility
Louise and Indie had 3rd in the Jumping.
(See photo on gallery page)
The next two home matches are on 8th February and 8 March. Members are welcome to come and cheer on the team. Anyone wishing to take part, please contact Louise on

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Starters League match

Sunday 24th November
Our first match of the season will be held away with the Wye Valley team. Please contact Louise for more information on 
Also see information on the agility page (click on Further Information at the top of the page)

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Agility classes cancelled today (9th Nov)

Saturday, 9th November
Please note all agility classes are cancelled today due to the weather conditions. Obedience classes are running.

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Monday agility class - 27th May cancelled

Please note that Rachel's agility classes will not be running on Monday 27th. Back to normal next week. 

Added: Thu 23 May 2019 19:35

Agility Taster Session

Saturday, 6th April, 11am at the Club grounds
A taster session will be held at the Club this Saturday for any member who would like to have a go at Agility. It will be lead by Brian Weeks and is it hoped to start a Saturday morning fun agility class. Dogs must be a minimum of 12 months old. If you are interestd, please get in touch with Louise on

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Great Western League Match

Great Western League match, 3rd February, versus Wye Valley
This is an away match at Bearse Farm, St Briavels, GL15 6QU, start at 11:00 am

There is more information about GWL and the Starter League on the agility page; click on "more information") 

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January agility 2019 classes

Please note - a new timteable of classes is currently in progress. Please check the Agility page (then click on .. More); also the facebook page if you have access.

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Training Day reminders

Saturday, 28th April 2018, Club Grounds (Postponed from 4th March) - with Hilary Bowden
Sunday, 29th April 2018, Club Grounds - with Nick Chettle

These should be going ahead - contact Sarah Williams at if you have any queries

Added: Tue 24 April 2018 14:11

Agility events at the Club

Agility events at the Club from February to April, 2018
Lots of activities are planned for the next few weeks. Here is a list for your diary:

18th February (Sunday) - "Fitness for Dogs", seminar by vet Iris Ege and physiotherapist Hannah Price. £5 per person.
4th March (Sunday) - Agility training day with Hilary Bowden
14th March (Wednesday) - Agility training day with Nick Chettle
25th March (Sunday) - Handler fitness and sprint techniques with Asa Chung
8th April (Sunday) - Hoopers training day with Alison Edgington
29th April (Sunday) - Agility training day with Nick Chettle

There are posters on the Resources page for each event, with some further details but for availability, prices etc, please contact Sarah Williams on

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Starters League match dates for this season

Here are the dates for the matches the season 2017/18:

24th September - Tuffley, away
4th November - Wye Valley, away
3rd December - Dickson's Dogs, away
14th January - Wye Valley, home
11th February - Dickson's Dogs, home
25th February - South Cotswold, home
11 March - South Cotswold, away

For further details, please contact Louise at maxwellyoung.lmy@gmail com

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Starter's League practice sessions in August

Two Tuesdays - August 8th and August 22nd at 7pm at Club grounds

Practice and information sessions for anyone interested in taking part in the Starter's League this year. The League is especially for those new to competing. This is for Grades 1 & 2 as well as young Grade 3 dogs in their first year of competing. The most important thing is that the dogs (and handlers) have fun and everyone gets as much out of the opportunity as possible. If you are interested, contact Louise on

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Tuesday daytime agility classes

Please note that Tuesday's daytime agility classes are not running for the next two weeks - 7th February and 14th February. All being well, back to normal on 21st February.

Added: Wed 08 February 2017 19:18

Saturday's agility classes (4th Feb)

Please note that Saturday's agility classes this week (4th Feb) are cancelled due to the wet ground conditions. Fingers crossed for some drier weather! 

Added: Fri 03 February 2017 18:10

Tuesday daytime agility classes this week (3rd Jan)

Just to let you know that Tuesday daytime classes this week (3rd January) are cancelled - back to normal next week (10th January), all being well.

Added: Mon 02 January 2017 11:51

Starter's League

Although a late start this, it is hoped that Starter's League will run. If you are interested, we need to know asap. This is for Grade 1 and 2 as well as young Grade 3 dogs in their first year of competing. The most important thing is that the dogs (and handlers) have fun and everyone gets as much out of the opportunity as possible. You need to be able to travel to the away matches as well as the home ones (usually Sundays). Training sessions at the Club will also be arranged. If you are interested please contact Sonja on

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